Configure the RADIUS customer application

During this task we will configure your specific application to point to the Okta RADIUS Agent server to handle RADIUS authentication requests.

This will vary based on your specific application or infrastructure, but typically requires:

  • Enabling RADIUS as an authentication method in your app or infrastructure.
  • Specifying the hostname or IP address of the Okta RADIUS Server.
  • Specifying the port that will be used – this should match the same port that you chose in the RADIUS App setup in Okta.
  • Choosing the RADIUS authentication type – currently the Okta RADIUS Agent only supports PAP authentication.
  • Determine whether to permit end users to access resources protected by RADIUS to enroll in MFA while authenticating. If this access is disabled, users with no enrolled MFA are required to enroll in Okta before authenticating. To permit inline enrollment, check the box.

For more information, please refer to your vendor’s documentation and locate any content pertaining to RADIUS setup.