Okta Personal for Workforce user experience

Learn how Okta Personal for Workforce affects the user experience.

Interface updates

If you enabled End-user interface updates, users who have been active in your Okta org for 10 days see the following Okta Personal interface features on their dashboard.

  • The dashboard account switcher allows users to easily switch between Okta Personal and Okta Workforce accounts.

  • A standard banner on the dashboard launches Okta Personal and a personalized banner identifies apps that are eligible to move to Okta Personal.

  • Messages appear on the dashboard and in the Okta Browser Plugin when users open a personal app from their work account. These messages encourage users to save personal apps in Okta Personal, but users can dismiss them temporarily or permanently.

App migration

If you enabled App migration, users who have created an Okta Personal can perform the following task to migrate their personal apps:

  1. On the Okta Personal dashboard, open the Profile Settings menu and click Import Apps.

  2. On the source page, select Import from Okta.

  3. Select apps to import from the Okta Workforce dashboard to Okta Personal.

  4. In the Choose action dropdown menu, indicate whether the apps are deleted from the Workforce dashboard after import (recommended).

  5. Click Import.

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