User management

By deploying Okta, administrators can easily manage user provisioning and lifecycle processes across various servers.

These processes are integrated with Okta through SAML and SCIM protocols to receive specific user properties and then replicate them on the managed systems. If a user account exists on a managed system, the Okta Privileged Access server agent tries to reconcile it by taking the account and having Okta Privileged Access manage it.

The Okta Privileged Access server agent doesn't create or delete user accounts. It also doesn't change user directories or RBAC permissions that manage system access. Proper user account management is crucial for security, which is why the agent monitors the system configurations by periodically performing local read operations (for example, getent). These routine system checks don't heavily impact system resources and are essential for Okta Privileged Access to provide the security and resilience it's designed to achieve.

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