Okta Provisioning Agent incremental import

When you perform an incremental import, the full user profile is imported if any of the attributes have changed since the last successful import. This reduces synchronization time and the computational resources required to complete the import. The Okta Provisioning Agent lets you import user data from on-premises applications without provisioning capability.

Before you begin

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.
  2. Enter the name of your app integration in the Search field.
  3. Click the name of your app integration and click the Sign On tab.
  4. In the App Settings area, click Edit, select Enable on-premises provisioning, and click Save.
  5. Click the Provisioning tab and complete these fields in the Connector Configuration page:
    • SCIM connector base URL: Enter the URL for the SCIM connector.

    • Authorization type: Select HTTP Header.

    • HTTP header name and value: Enter Authorization for the HTTP header name and Bearer <ID> for the value.

    To generate the Bearer ID, make a POST to http://scimapp.okta1.com:1910/v1/sessions with the following request body:

    "login":"admin@example.com", "password": "Abcd1234", "tenant":" "The ScimOne Company"

    • Unique user field name: Enter userName.

    • Connect to these agents: Select the Okta Provisioning Agent for the on-premises application.

  6. Click Test Connector Configuration and click Save.
  7. Click the Provisioning tab, select To Okta in the SETTINGS list, and in the User Creation & Mapping area click Edit.
  8. Select Okta username format matches and click Save.
  9. Click the Import tab and click Import Now.
  10. Select Incremental Import and click Import.