Troubleshoot RingCentral integrations

Use the information provided here to help you resolve common RingCentral integration issues.

Multiple user records for an email address

Make sure that RingCentral doesn't have multiple or duplicate users using the same email address.

Multiple numbers set for the AppName attribute

Only a single value can be imported for the directNumber attribute. The first value is imported.

All phone extensions are busy

New users can't be created.

The error message The [${parameterName}] is invalid. Please correct the parameter in Active Directory appeared

The Active Directory (AD) values are incorrect. Correct the values.

The error message Resource for parameter [${parameterName}] is not found appeared

The Active Directory (AD) value is missing. Add the value.

The error message JSON can not be parsed. Please check your data AD and correct it appeared

Check the Active Directory (AD) values and correct all issues.

The error message Service Temporarily Unavailable. Please check back later appeared

Okta is unavailable. Wait for service to resume.

The error message Extension already in use. Please go to RingCentral's web portal and see what extensions are available appeared

The extension is in use. Check service web and confirm.

The error message Extension number is duplicate. Please correct in Active Directory if you have an extension field. Otherwise edit it in the RingCentral Service web portal appeared

Open the RingCentral Admin Dashboard, go to User ManagementEdit Extensions, and follow the instructions to edit the extension number.

The error message More than one record found for Email: [email] appeared

There's more than one user record for the [email] in RingCentral. Make sure that there aren't duplicate users using the same email address.