Identity Governance release notes

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Release: 2023.09.0

Features and enhancements

Access Requests
  • Changes to the request UI

    The UI for requests in the Access Requests web app has been updated to improve the user experience for approvers and request assignees:

    • Request details such as the request type, team, assignee, and tags are now located on the center panel instead of the right panel.

    • Actions and Activity tabs have been added to the center panel.

      • The Actions tab contains Tasks and Questions sections. See Manage tasks.

      • The Activity tab contains a log of changes or events for the request.

    • The chat has been decoupled from Activity and is now located on the right panel.

  • Sync Okta groups and apps automatically

    Now applications and groups on the Resources tab sync automatically with Okta. You don't need to click Update now before using the app or group that you recently created in Okta.

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