Rate Limits report

This report queries the System Log to provide charts of cumulative rate-limit violations over selected time periods, as well a list of current rate limits by API, which includes any recent violations or warnings with per minute usage trends looking back seven days. You can also adjust rate-limit settings, such as client-based rate limits customized warning thresholds, on a separate tab.

For general information about rate limits, see Rate limits overview.

For detailed information about the usage of this report, see Rate limit monitoring.

The report provides:

  • The ability to track the rate limit's consumption.

  • The ability to change rate limit settings and customize the warning threshold.

  • Notification alerts when you're about to hit or have hit the rate limit.

  • The ability for you to investigate the issue when an endpoint has reached the rate limit.

Some typical reasons for using the report include the following:

  • You want to proactively monitor rate limit usage, and to manage rate limit settings and the warning threshold.

  • You've hit a rate limit violation for an endpoint and receive a notification that contains a link to the rate limits dashboard for that endpoint so that you can investigate.


  • Ensure that you are signed in to the Okta Admin Console.

  • This report can be run by anyone with one of the following permission levels:

    • Super Administrator

    • Org Administrator

    • Read-Only Administrator

    • Mobile Administrator

    • Report Administrator