Access certifications administrators

For orgs with Okta Identity Governance, access certifications administrators perform tasks related to running and managing campaigns. When you assign the access certifications admin role to a user, the Access Certifications app and resource set are automatically assigned to the user. This gives your admin the required access to perform their tasks.

The access certifications admin role has a fixed set of permissions:

  • Create a campaign

  • Launch a scheduled campaign

  • Edit a scheduled campaign

  • End an active campaign

  • Manage campaigns

  • View all scheduled, active, and closed campaigns

  • View all users, groups, and applications

For a complete view of all of the permissions that are granted and excluded from this role, see Standard administrator roles and permissions.

Currently, access certifications admins can’t view the Past campaign details or Past campaign summary reports. If required, you can grant your admin the role of a reports admin or create a custom admin role with permissions similar to that of the reports admin.

After this role is removed from a user account, the system waits two minutes before finalizing the removal. This helps reduce the chances of mistaken role changes.

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