You can use expressions to concatenate attributes, manipulate strings, convert data types, and more. Expressions let you construct values that you can use to look up users.

An expression is a combination of:

  • Variables: These are the elements found in your Okta user profile, including certificate attributes used when you create a smart card Identity Provider.. For example, idpuser.subjectAltNameUpn, idpuser.subjectAltNameEmail, and so on. See Add a Smart Card Identity Provider.
  • Operations: Use these to concatenate or perform other operations on variables. For example, the "+" operation concatenates two objects.
  • Functions: Use these to modify or manipulate variables to achieve a desired result. For example, String.toUpperCase converts the input to uppercase. See Functions for a complete list of available functions.

The following table provides example expressions:

Description Example
Select all content before the @ character. String.substringBefore(idpuser.subjectAltNameEmail, "@")
Select the last 20 characters of the provided field. String.substring(idpuser.subjectCn, String.len(idpuser.subjectCn)-20, String.len(idpuser.subjectCn))
Select all content before the @ character and transform to lower case. String.toLowerCase(String.substringBefore(idpuser.subjectAltNameUpn, "@"))

If the selected field contains the @ character, return all content before it; otherwise return the entire field.

String.stringContains(idpuser.subjectAltNameEmail, "@") ? String.substringBefore(idpuser.subjectAltNameEmail, "@") : idpuser.subjectAltNameEmail

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