Verify MFA for RDP sessions

Use these steps to verify the end-user sign-in process for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP):

  1. Sign in to a machine that has the RDP client installed. Be sure that this machine can connect to the server into which you want to make a remote connection.
  2. Enter the name for the RDP client, your username, and password. Click Connect.
  3. In the RDP sign-in page that opens, sign in as the user that has the Microsoft RDP (MFA) application assigned in Okta.

    In both cases, the value for the username must match the username that was used when the app was assigned in Okta.

  4. All users, including those that set up MFA in the preceding step, are prompted to choose the MFA factor to use for authentication.
  5. After providing the second factor, verify the RDP connection to the Windows server. If you can't sign in, see the Troubleshooting.