Manage realm users

Early Access release

You can add users manually, import users from CSV, and move users individually or in bulk between realms.

Before you begin

Move users between realms

You can move realm users individually or in bulk.

Move users individually

If you're a delegated realm admin, you must have Managed realms permission and admin privileges in at least two realms to move users.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryPeople.

  2. Select a user that you want to move to a different realm.

  3. Click the edit icon beside the assigned realm.

  4. On the dialog that appears, select a realm from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click Move user.

Move users in bulk

You can use realm assignments to bulk-move users between realms. See Realm assignments.

Deactivate and delete users

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory Realms.

  2. Select the realm that contains the users you want to delete.

  3. Select the user accounts that you want to deactivate, and then click Deactivate Selected.

  4. Click More ActionsDeactivate.

  5. Click Deactivate. A delete button appears.

  6. Click Delete, and then click Delete to confirm.

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