Use Anything-as-a-Source (XaaS) to integrate any source of truth with Okta and benefit from HR-driven provisioning. XaaS gives you the flexibility to define the terms of synchronization between Okta and the source of truth. Alternatively, some identities don't require representation in Okta, and Anything-as-a-Source can filter out irrelevant data, syncing only the appropriate identities.


Anything-as-a-Source has the following limitations:

  • XaaS can't use import scheduling, import safeguards (app-level or org-level), or user import inline hooks.

  • Bulk imports are limited to 10K users per single session.

  • Bulk imports are done at 200 users per batch, and up to 50 POST requests can be made in a single import session.

  • There are no APIs for account matching, linking, or profile mapping. Admins have to rely on the Okta Admin Dashboard to configure account matching and linking policies.

  • Listing the same user twice in a session can result in data inaccuracy issues (such as a race condition or profile conflict).

  • Sending an empty profile creates an empty user, which isn't recommended by Okta.

  • Connecting XaaS to an existing integration with Okta (such as Workday) can result in data inaccuracy issues, and is not supported by Okta.

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