Assign users to apps using a CSV file

When provisioning is enabled, you cannot use a CSV file to assign users to a specific app. The CSV template uses attributes defined in the Profile Editor. Make sure that the Base attributes username, firstname, lastname, and email are included, they are mapped to Okta, and the default data type String is used.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryProfile Editor.
  2. In the Search field, enter the name of the application.
  3. Click Profile for the app and click Base in the Filters list.
  4. Optional. Click Add Attribute and add the username, firstname, lastname, and email attributes if they are missing. To add attributes and mapping to Okta, see Manage profiles.
  5. Optional. Click Custom in the FILTERS list, click Add Attribute, and add custom attributes.
  6. Click Mappings and map the new attributes from the app to Okta.
  7. Click ApplicationsApplications and enter the name of the application in the Search field.
  8. Click the app link and the Import tab.
  9. Click Import from CSV. If the button is labeled Import Now, the app has provisioning enabled.
  10. In the Import Users from CSV window, click the CSV Template link.

The template populates columns for every attribute that is:

  • defined in the AppUser schema for the App
  • mapped from the App to Okta
  1. Save the CSV file in CSV UTF-8 format.
  2. Click Browse and browse to the location of the CSV file you created in step 11.
  3. Click Upload CSV and upload the CSV file. A validation process ensures that it is properly formatted.
  4. Correct any errors or note the success message, and then click Next.
  5. In the Import Users from CSV window, select one of these options:
    • Automatically activate new users — Newly imported users are automatically activated.

    • Do not create a password and only allow login via Identity Provider — Newly imported users are not sent activation emails or prompted to set up an Okta password. This is recommended only for users who will authenticate through an external Identity Provider.
  6. Click Import Users.

Okta validates that the CSV file is formatted correctly and that all attribute requirements are met. A summary lists the number of new users, uploaded users, unchanged users, and the number of users that incurred errors. If errors are found, click the Download link to view the error report.

The import summary includes detail about any imported users requiring further review or action.