Map profile attributes

Map profile attributes to associate an app attribute such as company name with a similar attribute in Okta. If you changed an attribute's Source priority to Override profile source, the attribute has a null value and must be mapped. Attributes that are not mapped from the primary profile source have a null value and a value is not pulled from other source apps in the priority list.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryProfile Editor.
  2. Click Mappings for the app and select Configure User mappings if a list appears.
  3. Select the App to Okta User tab in the User Profile Mappings dialog box.
  1. Map attributes:

a. Scroll through the attribute mappings.

b. Ensure that required attributes in the target are mapped. The Okta or app user profile indicates which are required.

c. Use the drop-down to add attributes, or use expressions to add attributes with concatenated or transformed values.

  1. Optional. Click to set the push frequency for the attribute. See Profile Push.
  2. Optional. Click Preview to check your mappings.

The results are color coded to make issue identification easier. Green indicates valid mapping or valid mapping without a value. Red indicates invalid mapping and an error message is provided to help you resolve the issue. If the column is empty, the attribute is not mapped.

  1. Click Save Mappings and Apply updates now.