Unassign users from applications

Unassign a user from an application when they no longer need it, or they leave your org. When you unassign an app, it is removed from the user's My Apps page. If the user was assigned to the application as a member of a Group, you need to remove the user from the group, or unassign the application from the entire group.

To remove specific entitlements for a user, see Manage user entitlements instead. You can only change entitlements for users if you're subscribed to Identity Governance and you've anabled Governance Engine for the app.

Okta Identity Governance is generally available to customers on a subscription basis. For more information, contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryPeople.
  2. Optional. Enter a user's first name, primary email, or username in the search field and then click the Search icon.
  3. Optional. Perform an advanced user search:
    1. Click Advanced Search.
    2. Select a search filter in the Choose field list. You can filter your search results by created or updated date and time, or you can select base or custom attributes to filter your results.
    3. Select a filter option:
      • Starts with: Select this option to search names that start with specific letters.
      • Equals: Select this option to search for group names that are equal to the value you enter.
      • Greater than: Select this option to search for names that are greater than the value you enter.
      • Less than: Select this option to search for names that are less than the value you enter.
    4. Enter a search value in the Value field.
    5. Optional. Click Add filter to add an additional filter and then repeat steps a to d. Click Clear all filters to clear the ones you have already entered.
    6. Click Search.
  4. Optional. Use the Status menu to filter results by user status.
  5. Click a user name in the Person & Username column.
  6. Click X and OK in the Unassign Application dialog to remove the user's access to the application.