About application attribute elements

Application attributes are composed of the following elements.

Field Description
Send Flag Controls whether an attribute is present or not present within a header or cookie.
Attributes used for policy decisions ate typically set to Don't Send.

Datasource Originating source for the contents of the attribute.  Can be any of a number of sources including idP, various contexts, Data Stores and others.
See Administer data stores for details on adding external data stores which can be used as attribute sources.

Field and Record Number

Either Field and Record Number, of Value.
For static and secret attributes, the value field represents a fixed value for the attribute.

For non-static fields Field used as the source for the attribute.

Record Number is only present with non-static fields. and represents which of a multi-value variable will be selected. Record Value can be one of:

  • n: Where n represents the specific record number in the input. Default, value 0.
  • #: return the total number of records in the input.
  • @: Concatenate all values, using :(colon) as separator.
    For example ":value1:value2:value3:"

Maximum length: 128 characters.


Method for passing attributes. Can be one of:

  • Header: Attribute will be passed in a header.

  • Cookie: Attribute will be passed in a cookie.


Associated field in either the header or cookie.
Maximum length: 128 characters.