Configure PeopleCode using the PeopleTools desktop client

Peoplesoft deployments typically support a pre-provided PeopleCode sign-on.
In this task , we update the code to accept header-based authentication from the PS_USER header.
These steps are typically performed by the PeopleSoft admin.

  1. Open the PeopleTools application Designer.
  2. Click File > Open > Definition: Record > Name: FUNCLIB_LDAP.


  4. Right-click Open > Cancel

  5. Right-click LDAPAUTH > View PeopleCode

  6. Search for the getWWWAuthConfig() function.
    Change &defaultUserId = ""; to &defaultUserId = "PUBUSER";.

  7. Search for the OAMSSO_AUTHENTICATION() function.

  8. Change the header value from OAM_REMOTE_USER to PS_USER.
  9. Click File > Save.