Add an Okta Auth Module

An Okta Auth Module can be used to add a secondary authentication relationship between Access Gateway and a secondary Okta org.

To get started, add an Auth Module as described in Add an Auth Module selecting Okta.



An Okta Auth Module requires a defined trust relationship between the Access Gateway instance and the Okta tenant.

Define a trust relationship within Okta with the Access Gateway Instance

  1. Login to your Okta tenant and click the Admin button to become admin.
  2. In the Service Account Dashboard, select Security → API from the menu options.
  3. Select the Trusted Origins tab.
  4. Click Add Origin.
  5. In the Add Origin dialog specify:




    Meaningful name, such as Trusted Origin for Access Gateway.

    Origin URL

    URL for Access Gateway instance, such as https://gateway.tld



Return to the Access Gateway UI.

After selecting Okta the Add New Auth Module page will be displayed, configured for Okta Authentication.

  1. Enter the following details:
    NameName used to identify the Auth Module.Okta AM

    Short Name

    A shortened identify for this Auth Module


    Okta Org

    your Okta org


    A list of attributes returned from Okta and available to Access Gateway appliation

    login, firstName, lastName, email.


    Optional description

    Local Auth Module

  2. Click the Not Validated ()button when complete.
    Okta Access Gateway will validate the connection.
    On success the button will turn green () and show that the connection is valid.
  3. Once complete click Okay to complete the creation of the Auth Module or Cancel to cancel.