Bootstrap Access Gateway

Okta Access Gateway Bootstrap details how to deploy and configure Access Gateway for development use quickly and easily using a common desktop virtual environment.
Overall the goal is to help you perform the specific tasks required to get your Access Gateway application up and running as quickly as possible. See Manage Access Gateway deployment for all currently supported virtual environments and the underlying tasks required to deploy to each.


Access Gateway bootstrap is for anyone who needs to perform basic deployment and integration tasks with Access Gateway. Administrators following this guide will have a complete Access Gateway development environment when complete.  

No experience with Access Gateway is required, but you'll need a basic knowledge of networks and firewalls.
Specifically this guide covers these tasks:

  1. Deploy the gateway - How to deploy the Access Gateway virtual appliance into the Oracle Virtual Box environment.
  2. Configure the gateway - Initialize the Access Gateway instance, including basic networking settings.
  3. Integrate the Access Gateway with Okta as IdP .
  4. Create SAML access application - configure an application to simplify Access Gateway login and access.
  5. Integrate your first application.
Important Note


Oracle VirtualBox is only included for use in test and development environments.


Task Description Related Topic(s)


Review the introduction to Access Gateway to become familiar with the product.

Install Oracle Virtual Box

This tutorial uses Oracle Virtual Box as the target virtualization environment.

Deploy Access Gateway Deploy Access Gatewayusing one of the supported virtualization environments.
Reset the instance Access Gateway must be initialized after first boot. This is done using the AccessAccess Gateway Management console, a command line interface for managing basic system functions.

[Optional] Specify a fixed IP address

Many installations require Access Gateway to use a fixed known IP address.

Add required DNS entries

Access Gateway requires several DNS entries to function normally. In development environments these entries are normally added to a /etc/hosts file.
If not defined statically use the Access Gateway Management console to determine the DHCP assigned IP address and configure withing /etc/hosts.

Determine Access Gateway IP Address
Configure Admin /etc/hosts entry

Access Gateway Admin UI console

The Access Gateway instance must be configured with an appropriate domain for testing and development. The domain is configured using the Access Gateway Admin UI console.

Initialize Access Gateway Admin UI console


Configure Okta tenant

Access Gateway relies on an Okta tenant as an IDP. This task details how to configure your Okta tenant as an IDP.

Configure your Okta tenant as an Identity Provider

Configure Admin app in Okta org

Adding an Access Gateway admin application, to your Okta org and then assigning that application to admins, using an Okta group, is considered a best practice.

Add an Access Gateway Admin UI console application

Integrate sample app

Integrating sample apps is the core of Access Gateway. During this task we will configure and test a sample header application.

Add a sample header application

Secure Access Gateway

Examine and execute a set of common tasks to secure aspects of Access Gateway.

Security best practices