Define Custom Application Attributes


The purpose of this tutorial is describe the process for adding Okta Tenant attributes to user profiles.


  • You have administrator rights on your Okta tenant and can assign attributes to users



Define a Custom Attribute In Okta

  1. In a new tab, Navigate to your Okta OrgThe Okta container that represents a real-world organization. and log in as an Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Directory > Profile Editor section.


  3. Click Profile in the Actions column.
  4. Click + Add Attribute to add a custom attribute that will be used to send header information through the Sample Header Application.
  5. Enter a Display name, for example Gender ,and an appropriate Variable name, again for example gender. Click Save.
  6. Click Directory > People.
  7. Select your account under the Person & Username column.
  8. Click the Profile tab, and click Edit.
  9. Scroll down to the new attribute, in this example Gender, and enter a corresponding value.
  10. Click Save.

Next Steps