Define Resource Group

Microsoft Azure uses resource groups to contain related resources. Access Gateway VM and disk must be created within the same resource group.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure Portal.
  2. From the top left menu select Resource Groups.
  3. Click + Add to add a new resource group.
  4. In the Basics pane enter a name and choose an appropriate region to house the group.
    If you have multiple subscriptions you may also select a subscription.

  5. Click Review + create.
  6. Click Create.
  1. Login or return to the Microsoft Azure command line interface.
    az login
  2. Using the az account list-locations command list all known locations and select one.
     az account list-locations 
    Which should output resembling:
    "displayName": "East US",
    . . . "name": "eastus",
    },{. . . }]
    From the list, select an appropriate region, identified by the name field.
  3. Create a resource group within a given location using the az group create command:
    az group create -l <location> -n <name>

    • <location> is a region code.
    • <name> is an appropriate name.

    For example:
    az group create -l eastus -n AccessGateway

    Which should result a result resembling:
    "id": "/subscriptions/. . . /resourceGroups/AccessGateway",
    "location": "eastus",
    "managedBy": null,
    "name": "AccessGateway", . . .
    "type": "Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups"

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