Determine Access Gateway IP Address

The following procedure details how to obtain the IP address of the Okta Access Gateway virtual appliance.




This procedure assumes you are accessing the newly imported gateway locally, immediately post install and is for on-premises instances only.

  1. Log in to the Access Gateway Management console using these credentials:

    1. Username: oag-mgmt

    2. Password: OktaMgmt@123

      We recommend that you change the password after logging in.

      Extreme care should be taken when changing passwords. Lost passwords are NOT recoverable.

  2. Once you are logged in, the system will provide you with several menu options.

  3. Enter 1 to enter the Network menu.
    If required, configure the static network configuration (option 1) and then commit the configuration (option c).

  4. Enter s to display the running network configuration.

  5. The eth0 section on the next page shows the IP address of the server. Make note of this IP address, as it will be used later in this guide.

    Determine IPv4 address

  6. Continue to press Enter until you return to the Network menu.

  7. Perform a connectivity test to Okta and your internal application.
    Select option 9, host:, port 443.
    Perform the same test with the site & port of an application that Okta Access Gateway will connect to.

  8. Press X to exit the Network menu, and press X again to exit the UI.

  9. Add a line to the host file on the client computer running a browser for configuration.
    Use the IP address you collected above.

    <ipaddress of Access Gateway instance> admin