Set Access Gateway proxy server

The following procedure details how to specify a proxy for Access Gateway.

Important Note


Setting or unsetting a proxy requires a system restart. Ensure that sufficient restart downtime is accounted for.

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Management console.
    (Using either ssh oag-mgmt@admin, or with virtual environments such as Oracle VirtualBox via a command window provided by the environment.

    Username: oag-mgmt
    Password: <default-password>     
  2. Enter 1 - Network.
  3. Enter 5 - Proxy settings.
    For a complete list of all proxy related commands, including using credentials, see Network > Proxy in Command Line Management Console reference
  4. Choose either 1 - Set proxy or 2 - Unset proxy.

    Enter [ctrl][c] at any time to abort.

    • Set proxy
      Enter proxy host: <proxy host name> or <ip address of proxy>
      Enter proxy port: <port where proxy is listening>
      Enter hosts that need to bypass proxy: <comma separated list of hosts that bypass proxy>
      Enter y to confirm or N to cancel.
    • Unset proxy
      Enter y to unset proxy, or N to cancel.

  5. Enter x to return to the Proxy settings menu.
  6. Enter x to return the Network menu.
  7. Enter x to return to the main menu.
  8. Enter 5 - System.
  9. Enter 5 - Reboot.
  10. Enter y to confirm reboot.
Important Note


High availability clusters: Repeat the process on all cluster members.