Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) deploy tasks

 Deploying to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure includes the following tasks:



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure deployment tasks

Task Description Related Topic(s)
Install OCI CLI Most OCI tasks can be performed using both the OCI console and command line. Install Oracle OCI command line
Download the latest OVA Download current version of the Access Gateway OVA Download the latest OVA image
Create compartment Create a compartments to group like resources together. Create compartment
Create storage bucket Create a storage bucket to store an OVA.
Create storage bucket


Upload the prepared OVA into the newly created storage bucket.

Upload OVA to a storage bucket


Import an instance from a storage bucket.

Import an OVA  to OCI

Create VM

Create a VM from a imported image.

Create VM in OCI


Launch an imported image and perform basic configuration such as opening ports.

Launch and configure an instance in OCI

Post deployment tasks

All Access Gateway deployments require a set of common tasks:

Task Description Related Topics

First sign in

  • Reset the Access Gateway Management console password.
  • Reset the virtual appliance at the command line.

[Optional but recommended]
Specify the hostname

  • Access Gateway defaults to a known gateway hostname which can be changed.

[Optional] Specify a fixed IP address

  • Many installations require Access Gateway to use a fixed known IP address.

[Optional] Specify DNS servers

  • Many installations use a split DNS process where multiple DNS servers are required.

[Optional] Specify proxy

  • Some installations require a proxy server for Access Gateway
Determine the IP Address assigned and configure DNS
  • Determine Access Gateway IP address.

  • Configure required /etc/hosts admin entry.
  • Configure required DNS entries.

First login to the Access Gateway Admin UI console

  • Connect to the Access Gateway Admin UI console and reset the default password.

  • First sign in to Access Gateway Admin UI console
Initialize Access Gateway
  • Initialize the cookie domain and instance hostname.
Configure an identity provider
  • Configure Okta tenant as an identify provider.

Configure SAML access to Access Gateway from your Okta tenant

  • Configure Okta tenant to allow access to Access Gateway using SAML.

Review security best practices

  • Examine and execute a set of common Access Gateway security best practices.

Important Note


When creating a set of Access Gateway nodes for use in a high availability cluster, ensure that nodes are named appropriately.
Also, node names must be resolvable between Access Gateway instances before configuring high availability.