Access Gateway deploy and configure workflow

A taskflow is a collection of tasks that you complete in sequence to deploy Access Gateway, protect resources and implement a high performance environment.
Typical tasks include:

Task Description Related Topic(s)
Review prerequisites Examine deployment prerequisites to minimize deployment concerns. Prerequisites for deploying Access Gateway
Determine capacity Review capacity requirements to ensure performance. Capacity planning and sizing
Deploy Access Gateway Deploy Access Gateway using one of the supported virtualization environments. Manage Access Gateway deployment

Initialize Access Gateway

Initialize a new Access Gateway instance, including setting password and other initialization.

First Login
Configure Okta as IDP Configure Access Gateway to use your Org as an identity provider. Configure your Okta tenant as Identity Provider

Optionally configure SAML access.

Configure your Okta org to support administration access.

Configure Administration Access using SAML

Integrate Applications

Integrate applications.

Integrate applications with Access Gateway

Configure High Availability

Implement an Access Gateway high availability cluster to increase performance and reliability.

Configure High Availability