Okta Access Gateway One Day Admin

Okta Access Gateway 1 Day Admin is an Access Gateway quick start process that teaches you how to deploy and configure Access Gateway..
Overall the goal is s to help you perform the specific tasks required to get your Access Gateway up and running.


Access Gateway 1 Day Admin is for anyone who wants to perform basic deployment and integration tasks with Access Gateway. Administrators following this guide should have a complete, highly available Access Gateway cluster when complete.  Developers can use this guide, skipping the high availability sections, to create a complete development environment.

No experience with Access Gateway is required, but you'll need a basic knowledge of networks, firewalls, and high availability.
Specifically this guide covers these tasks:

  1. Deploy the gateway- How to deploy the Access Gateway virtual appliance in one of a number of virtualization environments
  2. Integrate the gateway with Okta as IdP- How to integrate Access Gateway with your Okta org.
  3. Integrate your first application- How to integrate the one or more of the sample applications.
  4. Configure High Availability - How to configure an Access Gateway cluster to support High Availability.