Upgrade Access Gateway nodes

This page describes the process of upgrading Okta Access Gateway nodes from their current version to the current released version.

Before you begin

Verify that:

  • Access Gateway has been backed up.
    For more information see About backup and restore.
  • You have access to the Access Gateway Command Line console.

    • Access Gateway can reach yum.oag.okta.com.
      You can test connectivity to the Access Gateway yum repository using the Access Gateway Management console.  
      To test connectivity:

      1. Use SSH to connect to the Access Gateway Management console.
        ssh oag-mgmt@admin
      2. Select 1-Network.
      3. Select 7- Connectivity test.
      4. When prompted enter host: yum.oag.okta.com .
      5. When prompted enter port: 443.


Upgrading Access Gateway

Please note, when upgrading Access Gateway high availability clusters, always upgrade working nodes first and the admin node last.

To update Access Gateway:



During the upgrade process, Access Gateway goes offline and is unavailable for three to five minutes. Plan accordingly.

Important Note


After upgrading to Access Gateway 2020.12.3 the hostname reflected in log events is incorrectly returned as localhost. To return the actual hostname Okta recommend resetting the hostname as described in Set Access Gateway instance hostname.

  1. Use SSH to connect to the Access Gateway command line console.

  2. Enter 5 to enter the System sub-menu.

  3. Enter 4 to enter the Update sub-menu.

  4. Enter one of the Upgrade sub-menu commands:
    1. 1 - View - Display a list of available updates
    2. 2 - Update
    3. x - Exit.

View upgrade contents

  1. Enter 1 to view the elements of the upgrade.
    The system displays a scrollable list of all packages, which are part of the upgrade.
    The listing resembles:
    UP/DOWN/HOME/END - scroll list   x - exit
    okta-access-gateway.x86_64			2020.9.3.20200924.12345-00001
    okta-access-gateway-core.x86_64		2020.9.3.20200924.12345-00001
    okta-access-gateway-core-apps.x86_64		2020.9.3.20200924.12345-00001
    okta-access-gateway-core-events.x86_64		2020.9.3.20200924.12345-00001
    . . . 
  2. Use the UP/DOWN/HOME and END keys to move around the listing.
  3. Enter x to exit and return to the upgrade menu.

Perform upgrade

  1. Enter 2 to begin the upgrade.
    The system displays a list of update information as the update runs.
    The list resembles:
    Update in progress
    . . .
    . . . 
    Transaction Summary
    Install	2 Packages
    Upgrade	28 Packages
    Total download size:	152M
    Downloading packages
    . . . 
    Update Successful.

    When complete, the upgrade displays Upgrade Successful.

  2. Enter any key to complete the upgrade and return to the System menu.



    The upgrade report screen appears.
    Examine the yum log and transaction summary report for upgrade information and details.

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