Upgrade Access Gateway


The purpose of this tutorial is to walk through the process of upgrading Okta Access Gateway.


  • Access Gateway has been backed up.
    The most common way to back up access gateway is by using the snapshot feature of your VM hosting environment.
    Care should be taken to always backup Access Gateway before making any system level changes.

  • You have command line access to Access Gateway

  • Access Gateway, is up and connected to the internet so it may download YUM updates.

Upgrading Access Gateway

To update Access Gateway:



During the upgrade process, Access Gateway will be offline and unavailable for between 3 and 5 minutes. Plan accordingly.



To perform an upgrade from 2019.2.0 to 2019.4.2:
  1. Login to management console
  2. Select the System menu
  3. Select Remove Package
  4. .Remove oracle-instantclient18.3-basic . .
  5. .Return to the System menu and select Update
  6. Proceed with update normally.
  1. Using SSH connect to the Access Gateway command line console.

  2. Enter 5 to enter the System sub-menu.

  3. Enter 4 to enter the Update sub-menu.

  4. Enter one of the Upgrade sub-menu commands:
    1. 1 - View - Display a list of available updates
    2. 2 - Update
    3. x - Exit.