Advanced Server Access

Okta Advanced Server Access is an application that manages SSH and RDP access to Linux and Windows servers. Using Okta as its source of truth, Advanced Server Access reconciles with your internal servers to provide Zero Trust software that you can use to secure them. To start using Advanced Server Access, you create a team and configure some settings. In Advanced Server Access, a team is a named group of users who can authenticate with Okta. A team is an Advanced Server Access tenant, which is similar to an Okta tenant. All configurations and resources in Advanced Server Access are scoped to a team.

Get started

Install Advanced Server Access in Okta, create a team, and push your users and groups from Okta

Deploy servers

Enroll your servers in Advanced Server Access and install the Advanced Server Access server agent

Connect to your team's servers

Connect to your team's servers with the Advanced Server Access client

Customize and configure your servers

Customize your servers with lifecycle management hooks, SSH configurations, and entitlements

Manage groups

Create and use groups to organize your users

Manage projects

Create and use projects to organize resources and permissions

Manage user and group attributes

Configure settings for users and groups by specifying various attributes for them

Manage clients and servers

Perform administrative tasks on Advanced Server Access clients and servers


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