Install Advanced Server Access and create a team

  1. Sign in to your Okta admin dashboard.

  2. Open the Applications page by clicking Applications > Applications.

  3. Click Add Application.

  4. Search for Okta Advanced Server Access and select it from the list. Click Add.

  5. If desired, enter a custom application label in the Application label field. Use the default Application Visibility settings. Click Done.

  6. You must assign the application to yourself. Switch to the Assignments tab and click Assign > Assign to People.

  7. Find your account in the list and click Assign.

  8. Either keep the default user name, which is your Okta user name, or enter another name in the User Name field. Click Save and Go Back, then click Done. Your account is displayed in the list of people assigned to the app.

  9. Open a new tab and go to the Advanced Server Access homepage. Click Create New Team.

  10. Fill in the Work E-mail, First name, and Last name fields, then click Get Started!.
  11. Enter a name for the team in the Organization or Team Name field and click Next. The Configure Advanced Server Access in Okta page appears.

  12. You'll need the values from the Base URL and Audience Restriction fields in an upcoming step, so keep this tab open.

  13. Switch to the browser tab with your Okta admin instance. Click the Sign On tab, and click the Edit button

  14. Copy the Base URL and Audience Restriction values from the configuration tab and paste them into the fields of the same name, then click Save.

  15. In the same Sign On tab, click the blue link labeled Identity Provider metadata above the Advanced Sign-On Settings section. It should open a new tab filled with metadata. Copy the URL of this tab and then close the tab.
  16. Switch to the Configure Advanced Server Access in Okta tab and paste the metadata URL in the IdP Metadata URL field.

  17. Click Authenticate with Okta. Upon success, the Advanced Server Access dashboard appears. Congratulations! You've successfully installed Advanced Server Access and created a team. 

You can further integrate Advanced Server Access with Okta by configuring SCIM, which allows your Advanced Server Access groups and users to be managed from Okta.

Note: Advanced Server Access does not recognize custom domains. You must use the organization domain issued to you from Okta.

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