Install and enroll the client on Ubuntu or Debian

You need to add the apt repository where the client resides and install a URL handler to install and use the client.

To install and enroll the client:

  1. Add the apt repository:

    echo "deb linux main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

  2. Trust the repository signing key:

    curl -C - | sudo apt-key add -

  3. Update the list of available packages:

    sudo apt-get update

  4. Install the client:

    sudo apt-get install scaleft-client-tools

  5. Install the URL handler:

    sudo apt-get install scaleft-url-handler

  6. Enroll your client. See Enroll a client.

Next steps

After you've installed and enrolled your client, you can use it from the command line. See Use the Advanced Server Access client.

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