Enhanced User Attribute Management


When deploying to new environments, many of the unique attributes for users within a team are generated following specific pre-determined parameters. But when deploying to already existing environments, administrators traditionally run into conflicts that occur when the original unique data for their users differs from the data of their new environments. With Advanced Server Access, administrators are enabled to create, set, and reuse their users attributes, allowing for full control over any user attributes within their teams and a much smoother deployment process with existing deployments. Whether it be your user's usernames, UIDs, or GIDs, all of these can be seamlessly integrated into your Advanced Server Access environments.

To view a user's attributes at either the team or project level, navigate to the Users page from the Advanced Server Access dashboard by clicking the Users tab on the left side of the page. From there, click on the name of a specific user and select the User Attributes tab on their User details page.

List of User Attributes

Below is a list of all the attributes that are assigned to your Advanced Server Access teams:

  • Unix username
  • Windows username
  • UID
  • GID

Team Level and Project Level Attributes

Although Advanced Server Access configures values for all of your users attributes, sometimes it becomes necessary to provide different attributes to your users at the project level.

Set Project Level Attributes for a User

  1. On a User Attributes page, use the text field in the Project value for column to search for one of your Team's projects.
  2. Once you have a project selected, use the pencil icons for each row to set a value for a specific attribute.

    Note: If you want to change all of the attributes at the project level for a user, click on the Edit All button to change all values simultaneously.