Configure the Okta Template App and Okta Plugin Template App

Template apps allow you to create application integrations in real-time on a running system. To create custom apps, choose from these common Secure Web Authentication (SWAAn acronym for Secure Web Authentication. SWA is a SSO system developed by Okta to provide single sign-on for apps that don't support proprietary federated sign-on methods or SAML. Users can enter their credentials for these apps on their homepage. These credentials are stored such that users can access their apps without entering their credentials each time. When users first sign-in to a SWA app from their homepage, they see a pop-up message asking if they were able to sign-in successfully.) template apps:


  1. Go to Applications > Applications.
  2. Click Add Application.
  3. Search for Template.
  4. From the search results, add the desired type of template app:

Known issue

The Template Plugin App cannot work in cases where the app's login page redirects users back to the URL they came from, as this creates an infinite loop. The SWA application must redirect the user to the website's home page, not back to the login page. This means that the login page will accept the user's credentials, then redirect the user back to the Okta home page.