The provisioning features of Okta Lifecycle Management automatically manage accounts for your entire organization. Provisioning actions between Okta and cloud-based or on-premises applications are carried out using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification. After you configure Okta and select the provisioning elements you want to sync with external applications, user profile information changes are automatically and continuously handled.

Cloud provisioning

You can use a pre-built Okta Integration Network (OIN) app integration, or set up your own custom API connection, to provision users between Okta and cloud-based applications.

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Understand cloud provisioning concepts, components, and architecture

Deploy provisioning apps

Learn how to set up provisioning in your Okta environment and assign apps to your users

Manage provisioned users

Explore common user administration tasks and troubleshooting

On-premises provisioning

You can use on-premises provisioning to provision users between Okta and any applications that are installed behind your corporate firewall. You can manage user accounts in applications by either using Active Directory or using web services APIs.

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Manage SCIM connectors

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