Self Service for app integrations

The Self Service feature is a workflow through which end users can request access to Okta app integrations or add personal app integrations to their Okta End-User Dashboard. The process provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access to the associated external applications.

This feature also enhances the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Typically, an organization's IT team automates account provisioning when new users are brought on board. After the initial orientation process, users need to access job-specific applications which are often managed outside of the IT team. The workflow component of the Self Service feature allows business application owners, rather than IT, to assign required app integrations and provision the necessary accounts in external applications to end users.

Through the Okta Admin Console, administrators can:

  • Create a multiple-step approval workflow with designated individuals or groups.
  • Customize timeout rules for the approval process.
  • Create customized notification messages.
  • Add comments and notes about app integrations.
  • Designate a set of app integrations that end users can add to their home page without additional approval.

Self Service Page

The Self Service page allows administrators to specify which kinds of app integrations that end users can add to their End-User Dashboard. It also shows all the app integrations currently available for end users to request. In addition, this page shows any personal app integrations added by end users.

In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Self Service to see the feature details. There are two tabs on the page: Settings and Usage.


User App Requests: This pane shows which configuration settings of the feature are enabled. For more information on the available options and how to change them, see Enable Self Service request feature.

Available Apps: Each app integration shown in this table is currently configured to work with your Okta org. End users can request to add the app integration to their dashboard. The Approval column indicates whether the request requires permission from the approval workflow. For more information on how to add an app integration to this list, see Configure Self Service approval workflow.


User Added Applications: This pane displays the list of all personal app integrations in the org and how many end users have added each one. Use the Allow users to add personal apps option on the Settings tab to control whether or not users can add personal app integrations.