View your org agent's status

This is an Early Access feature. To enable it, use the Early Access Feature Manager as described in Manage Early Access and Beta features .

Use the Status section to view the real-time performance updates and the agents that your org uses. There are four codes for agents:

  • Operational: All agents and app instances are green.

  • Degradation: An agent is down but the app instance is still connected through a backup agent.

  • Disruption: All agents for an app instance are down and the app is not connected.

  • Failed to load: The agent status retrieval failed. Click Refresh page.

A red indicator appears next to app instances or agents with an aggregate status of Degradation or Disruption. Click Learn more to open the new Agents page.

Use the Agents page menu to view the Active Directory, LDAP, and On-premise MFA app instances tabs and RADIUS, IWA, On Premise, and RUM agent tabs. Each tab displays groupings of associated agents. The groupings list individual agents’ status, description, connection, and version in sortable columns:

  • Status: Operational, Disruption, Degradation, or Inactive. The aggregate of these individual agent codes appears in the Agent Status section of the Admin Dashboard.

  • Description: The agent ID

  • Connection: Live, Down Since (with the applicable timestamp), or N/A

  • Version: The version number of the agent