Uninstall Okta People Picker and Okta Authentication

Uninstall Okta SharePoint People Picker agent

  1. Disable the Okta Trusted Identity provider.

    From your SharePoint Central Administration console, go to General Security > Specify AuthenticationAuthentication is distinct from authorization, which is the process of giving individuals access to system objects based on their identity. Authentication merely ensures that the individual is who he or she claims to be, but says nothing about the access rights of the individual. Authentication methods and protocols include direct auth, delegated auth, SAML, SWA, WS-Fed, and OpenID Connect. providers > Zone (Default).

  2. Note the People Picker solution name from the SharePoint Solution Management console for later use.

    From your SharePoint Central Administration console, go to Manage farm solutions > System Settings.

  3. Reset IIS and uninstall the People Picker solution with the following two PowerShell commands:

    $name = 'OktaClaimsProvider.OktaClaimsProvider'

    $cp = Get-SPClaimProvider | Where-Object {$_.TypeName -eq $name}

    Remove-SPClaimProvider $cp

  4. Validate that the Okta SharePoint People Picker agentA software agent is a lightweight program that runs as a service outside of Okta. It is typically installed behind a firewall and allows Okta to tunnel communication between an on-premises service and Okta's cloud service. Okta employs several agent types: Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS, RSA, Active Directory Password Sync, and IWA. For example, users can install multiple Active Directory agents to ensure that the integration is robust and highly available across geographic locations. has been removed by running the following command and confirming that Okta is not listed:


  5. Remove the People Picker SharePoint solution with the PowerShell commands below.

    Enter the People Picker solution WSP name with the solution name you noted earlier:

    Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity "OktaClaimsProvider2013-2.0.0.x-xxxxx.wsp"

  6. Confirm the uninstallation from the SharePoint Central Administration console.

  7. Validate that the WSP file is now Not Deployed and there are no troubleshoot errors with the uninstallation.

  8. Enter the following PowerShell command to remove the SharePoint People Picker solution:

    Remove-SPSolution -Identity "OktaClaimsProvider2013-2.0.0.x-xxxxx.wsp"

  9. Confirm that the People Picker solution should no longer appear in the SharePoint Central Administration console.

Uninstall Okta Authentication

After you have removed the Okta SharePoint People Picker agent, you can remove Okta as an authentication claims provider.

  1. Enter the following PowerShell command:

    Remove-SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer –Identity "Okta"

  2. Validate the uninstallation:

    In your SharePoint Central Administration console, go to the Authentication Providers page and confirm that Okta is no longer listed.