This is an Early AccessEarly Access (EA) features are opt-in features that you can try out in your org by asking Okta Support to enable them. Additionally, the Features page in the Okta Admin Console (Settings > Features) allows Super Admins to enable and disable some EA features themselves. feature. To enable it, please contact Okta Support.

Configure the Okta Active Directory (AD) agent: new user interface

The instructions in this topic only apply if your orgThe Okta container that represents a real-world organization. has enabled the Early Access feature for the new AD ProvisioningProvisioning is the enterprise-wide configuration, deployment, and management of multiple types of IT system resources. Specifically, provisioning provides users access to equipment, software, or services. This involves creating, maintaining and deactivating required business process automation objects and attributes in systems, directories, and applications. user interface.

If you find the instructions in this topic do not match what you see in your user interface, refer to Install and configure the Okta Active Directory (AD) agent instead.

This topic walks you through the configuration options for the Okta AD agent. You can change these settings any time as you refine your Okta configuration.

You must have installed the Okta AD agent to perform these steps.


What's next?

After you have installed the Okta AD agent and completed the basic configuration steps above, your next steps are to: