Map profile attributes

Map profile attributes to associate an Okta attribute such as company name with a similar attribute in Active DirectoryActive Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for the Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. Initially, Active Directory was only in charge of centralized domain management. (AD) and vice versa,

  1. On the Okta AdminAn abbreviation of administrator. This is the individual(s) who have access to the Okta Administrator Dashboard. They control the provisioning and deprovisioning of end users, the assigning of apps, the resetting of passwords, and the overall end user experience. Only administrators have the Administration button on the upper right side of the My Applications page. Console, click Directory > Profile Editor.
  2. Select Mappings for the appAn abbreviation of application. Essentially, it is a web-based site used to perform any number of specific tasks, and requires authentication from end users by signing in., directory, or identify provider.
  1. Select one of the following tabs in the User Profile Mappings dialog box:

a. App to Okta — maps attributes from the app to Okta. The app user profile contains the source attributes and Okta is the target

b. Okta to App — maps attributes from Okta to the app. Okta contains the source attributes and the app user profile is the target

  1. Map attributes:

a. Scroll through the attribute mappings.

b. Ensure that required attributes in the target are mapped. The Okta or app user profile indicates which are required.

c. Use the drop-down to add attributes, or use expressions to add attributes with concatenated or transformed values. For more information about expressions, see Using expressions (transformations).

  1. Optional. Click to set the push frequency for the attribute. See Using Selective Profile Push.
  2. Optional. Click Preview to check your mappings. For more information about this feature, see Universal Directory - Preview Mapping.
  3. Click Save Mappings and Apply updates now.