Test the Desktop Single Sign-on settings

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Delegated Authentication > Agentless DSSO.
  2. Scroll to Agentless Desktop SSO and confirm that On is selected for Desktop SSO mode.
  3. Sign in to an active Okta Windows account that uses Agentless DSSO.
  4. Open an internet browser, enter https://<myorg>.okta.com/login/agentlessDssoMigrationReadiness in the address bar, and press Enter.
  5. If you cannot access the URL, contact Okta support.

    If the DSSO settings are correct and the org is ready, the user home page appears.

    If you created a custom URL, you are redirected to the URL location.

    If your org is not ready, the IWA flow is followed (if configured). If the IWA flow is not configured, the custom sign in error page appears (if configured) or the default sign in screen appears (https://<org>.okta.com/login/default).

    Your org will be migrated to the new functionality in a few days. No other changes are required and everything will continue to work.

    After you receive your confirmation from Okta, you will no longer need to make registry key changes for new users.

    If you need to make additional changes or adjustments to your settings, review the Agentless DSSO documentation.