End user account states

End user accounts can be in a variety of states that require administrative action. The state of end user accounts is listed in the Status column in the Directory > People page and on an end user's profile page. The states are outlined in the table below.

NoteProvisioned and deprovisioned are not user statuses. A provisioned user can be in any of the active states, as well as pending user action. A deprovisioned user is considered deactivated.

Status Cause

Accounts become staged when they are first created, before the activation flow is initiated or if there is some administration action pending.

Pending user action Accounts that are pending user action have been provisioned, but the end user has not provided verification by clicking through the activation email or providing a password.

Accounts become active when

Password Reset

Accounts are in a password reset state when

Note: Password Reset is considered an Active state.

Locked out

Accounts become locked out when they exceed the configured number of login attempts which are set when you configure password policies.

Note: Locked out is considered an Active state.


Accounts are in this state when you explicitly Suspend and unsuspend users.

Note: Suspended is considered an Inactive state.


Accounts are deactivated when you explicitly Activate and deactivate users.

Note: Deactivated is considered an Inactive state.