LDAP integration known limitations

The following table lists the known limitations with Okta LDAP integrations.



Supported Directories

The Okta LDAP Agent is supported with all LDAP v3 servers (RFC 4510 compliant). It has been tested with the following:

  • Object Lifecycle Management
  • Group Management
  • Password Management

Notable features not supported by the LDAP Agent:

  • Per-instance Delegated Authentication
  • Group Push

Note: The Okta LDAP agent is not recommended for large LDAP migrations.


The following operations are supported on all LDAP directories:

  • Full Import
  • User provisioning

The following operations are only supported on specified directories:

  • Incremental Imports
  • Set Password
  • Change Password
  • The LDAP agent automatically detects user schema based on the user objectClass specified
  • Supports structural classes, auxiliary classes for users