Manage Google Workspace Users


When an Okta end user is assigned to Google Workspace or when their assignments are updated, admins have the option to manage all Google licenses and roles, and deprovisioning actions, within Okta. Additionally, this Okta end user's licenses and roles can be automatically updated within their 3rd-party Google account. This is true Individually or within a group. In essence, any updates created in Okta can be subsequently pushed to Google.


Before you use this option, you must do the following:

  • Have Google Workspace provisioning enabled in Okta and enable the appropriate provisioning features (Create users, Update User Attributes, Deactivate Users).

  • Un-check Auto-assign the following license to all currently unassigned users and users subsequently created:

    uncheck Auto-Assign Users


License Mapping

We have recently updated Google Workspace licenses for our Google Workspace provisioning integration. In order to use updated licenses, you need to contact Okta Support and request that they migrate your Google Workspace application instance to the new profile template.

Due to some limitations, there is a slight difference in license naming, so we have provided the license mapping table below:

Note that we have plans to update these outdated names for licenses in the nearest future.

SKU ID Okta Name GSuite Name
Google-Apps-For-Business Google Apps for Business G Suite Basic
Google-Apps-For-Postini Google Apps for Postini Google Apps Message Security
Google-Apps-Unlimited Google Apps Unlimited G Suite Business
Google-Apps-Lite Google Apps Lite G Suite Lite
1010020020 G Suite Enterprise G Suite Enterprise
1010060001 Drive Enterprise Drive Enterprise
Google-Drive-storage-20GB Google Drive Storage 20GB Google Drive storage 20 GB
Google-Drive-storage-50GB Google Drive Storage 50GB Google Drive storage 50 GB
Google-Drive-storage-200GB Google Drive Storage 200GB Google Drive storage 200 GB
Google-Drive-storage-400GB Google Drive Storage 400GB Google Drive storage 400 GB
Google-Drive-storage-1TB Google Drive Storage 1TB Google Drive storage 1 TB
Google-Drive-storage-2TB Google Drive Storage 2TB Google Drive storage 2 TB
Google-Drive-storage-4TB Google Drive Storage 4TB Google Drive storage 4 TB
Google-Drive-storage-8TB Google Drive Storage 8TB Google Drive storage 8 TB
Google-Drive-storage-16TB Google Drive Storage 16TB Google Drive storage 16 TB
Google-Vault Google Vault Google Vault
Google-Vault-Former-Employee Google Vault Former Employee Google Vault - Former Employee
1010010001 Cloud Identity Cloud Identity
1010050001 Cloud Identity Premium Cloud Identity Premium


Chiclets for apps for which users do not have a license may appear on their Okta Home page. Clicking these chiclets results in an error message.