RingCentral supported features

This table lists the features and functionality available with a RingCentral integration.



Import New Users New users created in RingCentral are downloaded and new AppUser objects are created and then compared with existing Okta user profiles.
Import Profile Updates Updates made to a user's profile in RingCentral are downloaded and applied to the Okta user profile. If RingCentral is the Okta system of record, changes made to core profile fields (email, first name, last name) are applied to the user profile. If RingCentral is not the system of record, only changes made to appAn abbreviation of application. Essentially, it is a web-based site used to perform any number of specific tasks, and requires authentication from end users by signing in.-specific fields are applied to the local user profile.
Import User Schema Imports additional user attributes from RingCentral. Also known as schema discoveryAbility to import additional attributes to Okta.
Push New Users Users created in Okta are also created in RingCentral.

Push Profile Updates

Updates made to the Okta user profile are pushed to RingCentral.

Push User Deactivation

Deactivating a user or disabling application access in Okta removes all user data and the user account in RingCentral. When a user is suspended, their data is not removed and they cannot access the application.

Profile MasterA profile master is an application (usually a directory service such as Active Directory, or human capital management system such as Workday) that acts as a source of truth for user profile attributes. A user can only be mastered by a single application or directory at any one time. For more details, see the Profile Master page. When users are mastered by attribute, we call this attribute-level mastery (ALM). ALM delivers finer grain control over how profiles are mastered by allowing admins to specify different profile masters for individual attributes. Profile mastering only applies to Okta user profiles, not app user profiles. For more details, see Attribute Level Mastering.

Makes RingCentral the single source of truth for user data.