ServiceNow UD Provisioning Migration Guide


This document provides instructions to migrate your existing ServiceNow integration to use Universal Directory (UD)


The following features are new for ServiceNow UD

  • Support for ServiceNow Geneva version and above
  • User Schema Discovery support with unlimited custom attributes
  • Flexible user attribute mapping support
  • The Okta ServiceNow plugin is no longer required for provisioning


You need to know the settings are you using for your current ServiceNow app instance:

You should configure your new ServiceNow UD app instance to be as close to your current ServiceNow instance as possible:


In order to migrate your existing ServiceNow integration to use UD, you need to configure a new instance, configure it to be as close as possible to your existing ServiceNow app instance, transfer your existing users to it, and finally copy over any existing mappings you may have. Here are the steps required: