Workday Real Time Sync


Workday Real Time Sync (RTS) allows Okta to receive user creation, update, and termination events from Workday on a real-time basis. User changes in Workday are reflected immediately in Okta and its downstream applications. The incremental update nature of this feature gives admins the ability to not only improve scheduled import performance but also helps them improve security by provoking access to terminated users in real time.


Workday is set up as the Profile MasterA profile master is an application (usually a directory service such as Active Directory, or human capital management system such as Workday) that acts as a source of truth for user profile attributes. A user can only be mastered by a single application or directory at any one time. For more details, see the Profile Master page. When users are mastered by attribute, we call this attribute-level mastery (ALM). ALM delivers finer grain control over how profiles are mastered by allowing admins to specify different profile masters for individual attributes. Profile mastering only applies to Okta user profiles, not app user profiles. For more details, see Attribute Level Mastering.. For instructions please refer to: Configuring Provisioning for Workday.


RTS is heavily dependent on changes in Base Attribute Update. The table below displays what does and does not require an update in base attributes to trigger RTS:

Features Requires Base Attribute Update to Trigger RTS (SAMPLE base attributes- firstName, lastName, email)
Create New user No
Update User Base Attribute No
Terminate User No
Update Users Custom Attribute Yes
Create New Group Yes
Update Group Name & Description Yes
Update Any Group Settings Yes
Add New User To Group Yes
Update User Base Attribute in Group Yes
Remove User From Group Yes


List of Base Attributes

Display Name VariableName Type
User Name userName String
First Name firstName String
Last Name lastName String
Email email String
Second Email secondEmail String
Mobile Pohne mobilePhone String
Employee ID employeeID String
Worker Type accountType String
Title businessTitle String
Manager ID managerId String
Manager Username managerUserName String
Street Address streetAddress String
City city String
State state String
Postal Code postalCode String
Country (ISO-3166) countryCode String
Supervisory Organization supervisoryOrd String
Business Unit businessUnit String
Work Phone workPhone


Location location String


Workday actions not supported by Real Time Sync:

  • Updates to Second Email attribute does not trigger RTS
  • Updates to Manager Username attribute does not trigger RTS.
  • RTS does not add pre-start hires into Okta.

Best Practice: Due to the unsupported features above, it is highly recommended that RTS be used in combination with scheduled imports that are run on a 1-2 day interval. This is because some less frequent actions in Workday will not trigger RTS, so scheduled imports are required to reconcile these actions. In fact, there are some RTS actions that are supported in Workday and some that are not.

Need to Know:

RTS Deactivation:

  • Information about deactivation can be found Deactivation. RTS follows the same deactivation rules when querying the user in real time.
  • Users can be deactivated immediately upon sync if the immediate deactivation reasoning has been setup. See Immediate Deactivation for more details.