Okta Workflows Release Notes: Preview

Generally Available Preview 2020.08.0 began deployment on August 5

Features and Enhancements

OAuth tokens revoked when a connection is deleted

When a connection to a third-party service is deleted, Workflows now attempts to revoke any OAuth tokens related to that connection. If the token can't be revoked, admins are prompted to manage these tokens in the third-party service.

Enhanced user experience

Flow Pack import error messages have been updated for clarity and readability. The Test Flow interface has been updated with minor stylistic enhancements.



The Jira connector’s Delete Issue card didn’t delete an issue if it included a subtask.


The Jira connector’s Dynamic Auth Custom API Action card incorrectly asked for a password instead of an API token. The Password field is renamed as API Token.


Overlap between the Created and Updated values of trace messages in high-traffic orgs resulted in a sorting error.


New Connectors


The Asana connector is now available in Okta Workflows with the Custom API Action card.


The Marketo connector is now available in Okta Workflows with the following cards:

  • Add Leads to List
  • Create Lead
  • Read Lead
  • Read List
  • Read List Leads
  • Search Leads
  • Search Lists
  • Update Lead

Duo Security

The Duo Security connector is now available in Okta Workflows with the following cards:

  • Custom API Action
  • Create Users
  • Update Users
  • Delete Users
  • Enroll Users
  • Search Users
  • Get Groups
  • Add User to Group
  • Remove User from Group

Connector Updates

Google Cloud Functions

In some cases, the Google Cloud Functions connections didn't refresh after one hour. This issue has been resolved. Please re-authenticate your connections for the changes to take effect.