Okta Workflows Release Notes: Preview

Generally Available Preview 2021.04.1 began deployment on April 14

Features and Enhancements

Updated descriptions for cards in the Workflows interface

In the Workflows App Action and Add Event menus, updated descriptions and improved search results for event and action cards are now available for the following connectors:

  • Google Workspace

  • Slack

Updated descriptions are now also available for Tables function cards.



For the Office 365 Mail connector, a Message ID is empty error message was returned after an email was sent.


For Child Flow event cards, the input field type Folder was available in Workflows even when it was an invalid option. As a result, when a new input field of the type Folder was added to a Child Flow event card, the error message Choose a unique name was returned.


New Connectors


The Shopify connector is now available with the following action cards:

  • Add Address to Customer

  • Create Customer

  • Custom API Action

  • Read Customer

  • Search Customers

  • Update Customer

See Shopify connector.

Connector Updates


For the Okta connector, the following action cards are now available:

  • Delete Linked Object Value

  • Get Associated Linked Object Values

  • Get Primary Linked Object Value

  • Set Linked Object Value for Primary

See Okta connector.


For the Slack connector, support for a channel name input is now available. The Channel ID or Name and Channel Type input fields are now available on the Send Message to Channel action card.

See Send Message to Channel.