Okta Workflows Release Notes: Production

Generally Available Production 2021.1.0 began deployment on January 13

Special Announcement

Okta Workflows is now Generally Available.

Okta Workflows is an interface-driven, no-code platform for business process automation that provides integration with some of the most widely used third-party APIs in the industry, including Box, Slack, Salesforce, and G Suite Admin. See Okta Workflows.

Deployment is taking place over the course of several days to entitled orgs with the following SKUs:

  • IT Products - Advanced Lifecycle Management

  • Legacy SKU: IT Products - Lifecycle Management, Unlimited

  • Legacy SKU: IT Products - Lifecycle Management, Unlimited OIN Apps

  • Legacy SKU: IT Products - Lifecycle Management, 10 OIN Apps

APAC and HIPAA cells are excluded.

To access Workflows, select the Workflow > Workflows console menu option from the Okta Admin Console.

Features and Enhancements

Availability of Workflows Templates

Workflows Templates is now available, providing users with access to a searchable catalog of installable Flows that address many common use cases. See Get started with Workflows Templates.

Ability to pin an event card to a Flow

In Workflows Designer, the ability to pin an event card has been enhanced for better discoverability, allowing users to scroll through a Flow while keeping an event card in a static position.



In the G Suite Admin connector, the Search Groups card failed if one or more spaces were used in the Name field to query for groups.


The Workflows Templates interface has been enhanced for clearer display of the number of connectors, Flows, and tables that are included in a template.


For previous releases, see Okta Workflows: Version History.