Okta Workflows Release Notes: Production

Generally Available Production 2020.07.2 began deployment on August 5



In some cases, delays in Flow execution caused the control.until module to fail with an invalid input error: Date must be past now.


The Slack connector didn’t display the correct error message when a connection failed.


The Find Custom card in the List function incorrectly returned the null value instead of -1 if the item wasn’t found.


G Suite cards didn’t allow linking to the TO, CC, and BCC fields using text string.


In Okta Preview orgs, the Return card for the Flow Control function didn't return values from a child flow to the parent flow.


In cases where a Flow’s memory exceeded 1.5 GB, significant errors may not be displayed, causing unexpected failures or inconsistent results.


New Connector

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar connector, with support for event management and transfer of ownership, is now available in Okta Workflows, and includes the following cards:

  • Create New Event
  • Create Reminder
  • Custom API Action
  • Is Free Slot
  • Monitor New Events
  • Monitor Updated Events
  • Move Event
  • Read All Calendars
  • Read Available Time Slots
  • Read Event Information
  • Search Events
  • Update Event
  • Create Transfer Request
  • Read Transfer Request
  • Search Transfer Request

Connector Updates

Office 365 Admin

New OAuth2 apps have been installed for the Office 365 Admin connector. Please re-authorize your connections.

Excel Online

New OAuth2 apps have been installed for the Excel Online connector. Existing Excel Online connections will continue to work. However, we recommend that you re-authorize your connections.


For previous releases, see Okta Workflows: Version History.