Okta Verify Release Notes

Download Okta Verify: For iOS from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android devices.


Okta Verify for Android

Obtaining Okta Verify for Android from the Downloads page

Okta Verify for Android is typically available on the Downloads page approximately two weeks following the initial release of the app. This provides an alternative way to access Okta Verify Android installation software (APK files) in locations where the Google Play Store and Google Services are not available (for example, in China). For more information about downloadable Android installers, see Distributing Okta Android apps outside the Google Play Store.

Latest Version: 5.3.0
Date of Deployment: 06-04-2020


Google Play or Okta Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)

Release Summary:

This version includes internal improvements.

Okta Verify for iOS

Latest Version: 5.3.1
Date of Deployment: 06/29/2020

Apple App Store

Release Summary:

  • On iPads, the QR code scanner didn’t rotate correctly in landscape mode.
  • Other internal improvements.

Release History