Okta Verify Release Notes

Okta Verify for Android

Current release

Download: Google Play or Okta Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)
In locations where Google Services aren't available, you can download the app from the Okta Admin Console approximately two weeks following the initial release. For details, see Distributing Okta Android apps outside the Google Play Store.

Version: 6.1.1

Deployment date: January 4, 2021

Release summary

  • On Android devices using the right-to-left layout direction, the temporary six-digit code displayed in Okta Verify was confusing. (OKTA-352082)
  • Other internal improvements.

Closed Past releases

Okta Verify for iOS

Current release

Download: Apple App Store

Version: 6.2.0

Deployment date: February 8, 2021

Release summary

  • In non-English versions of Okta Verify, on the Enter Key page of the account setup wizard, the Add Account button label wasn’t localized. (OKTA-355619)
  • On the Enter Key page of the Okta Verify account setup wizard, users weren’t notified if the passcode they entered wasn’t valid. (OKTA-351780)
  • The sign-in notification tips for end users were missing from the Okta Verify Settings page. (OKTA-346177)
  • Other internal improvements.

ClosedPast releases