Okta Verify Release Notes

Download Okta Verify: For iOS from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android devices.

Okta Verify for Android

Latest Version: 5.6.0
Date of Deployment: 08-24-2020


Google Play or Okta Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)

Release Summary:

This version includes internal improvements.

Okta Verify for iOS

Latest Version: 5.7.1
Date of Deployment: 08/31/2020

Apple App Store

Release Summary:

  • In Okta Verify, users can now enable detailed logging and send the logs to their organization’s IT department for help with troubleshooting. See iOS: Enable Okta Verify logging

  • When end users scanned a QR code from Okta Verify to link their account to a third-party OTP, the generic term "Organization" appeared instead of the factor issuer.
  • Other internal improvements.

Release History