Okta Verify Release Notes

Okta Verify for Android

Download: Go to Google Play or Okta Admin Console (Settings > Downloads). See Get Okta Android apps outside the Google Play Store.

Version: 6.9.1

Deployment date: October 13, 2021

Release summary

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Okta Verify for iOS

Download: Apple App Store

Version: 6.9.0

Deployment date: October 11, 2021

Release summary

  • Starting with this release, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8 are supported. See Supported platforms, browsers, and operating systems.
  • The Okta Verify sign-in notification tips have been updated to match the user experience on iOS 15. Open Okta Verify and go to Settings > Sign-In Notification Tips to learn how to approve Push notifications without opening the app on your device.
  • The verification code in Okta Verify was sometimes not refreshed after the device was locked. (OKTA-428419)
  • Other internal fixes.

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