Receive reports by email

The Reports Delivered by Email opt-in feature gives you an option to receive reports by email. We recommend opting in for this feature to save time, reduce the rate limit usage, and access and download reports easily.

Currently, you can receive the following reports by email:

  • Okta Usage
  • Okta Password Health
  • Current Assignments
  • MFA Usage

Before you begin

Verify that:

  • You are signed in to your Okta org as an admin in a live session.
  • You have the required permissions to request and view the report.

Opt in to the feature

Super admins can bypass Okta Support and enable self-service Early Access and beta features for their org. In Help Center, EA features display a banner indicating whether they are self-service or require additional configuration by Okta Support.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Features. All features that your organization is eligible to use based on your subscription are listed.
  2. Select whether you want to auto-enroll your org in all future Early Access features. Super admins will receive an email when their org is auto-enrolled in an EA feature or if the auto-enrollment fails. Note: Auto-enroll also includes Early Access features with known limitations, without prompting you to view and accept the limitations.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the features you want to enable. Click the help icons for details about the feature.
    • If a feature that you want to enable has a dependency, it is grayed out until you enable the dependency by clicking on the link or selecting the check box for that dependency.
    • If you want to remove a feature that is a dependency for other enabled features, you are prompted to remove the dependent feature.ClosedScreenshot
    • If you want to enable a feature that has known limitations such as compatibility restrictions or other limitations, you will see a dialog box describing the limitations and can either accept them to enable the feature, or Cancel.
  5. Click Save.

Get the report by email

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Reports.
  2. Select Okta Usage, Okta Password Health, Current Assignments, or MFA Usage.
  3. Set the To and From dates, user, group, and parameters as required.
  4. Click Run Report. A confirmation message appears with the email address to which the report is sent, typically, the email address associated with your admin account.


    If you have the new Admin Dashboard enabled, click Request this report.

  5. Once the report is ready, you receive an email notification. If the report was successfully generated you receive an email notification with the download link to the report. If the report request failed, you will get an email notification asking you to sign in and request the report again. If you do not have permissions to view the report, you see a 403 error.


    The download link for the report is only valid for seven days. You have to request the report again after the link expires.

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