Security at Okta

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology with functionality for user authentication, password and access management, integration with on-premise user directories, and analysis of cross-application usage. The Okta software platform is designed to provide a secure and reliable foundation for functionality to scale and manage cloud applications while keeping data secure.


Learn about admin roles and permissions.

API token management

Manage and create all Okta API tokens.

Delegated authentication

Allow users to authenticate with various credentials.

General Security

Configure global security settings.


Review security tasks to strengthen your org.

Identity Providers

Allow users to sign in with identity account credentials.

Multifactor Authentication

Add another layer of security to verifies a user's identity.

Network Zones

Define network zones to strengthen network security.

Okta IP address allow list

Configure your network to allow various Okta IPs.

Recent Activity

View sign-in details and end-user event activity.

Risk Scoring

Determine the likelihood of an anomalous sign-in event.

Security Behavior Detection

Define policies based on changes in user behavior.

Sign-on policies

Configure policies to control how users authenticate.